O3-Plant Based Omega 3

O3-Plant Based Omega 3
O3-Plant Based Omega 3

O3-Plant Based Omega 3

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The perfect Eco friendly Omega 3 is here! sourced from algae oil that gives you an ultra-pure source of EPA AND DHA, with out the fish. Algae oil has been shown to be the purest form of EPA and DHA available because it does not contain the heavy metals or pollutants that can be found in fish. 

Why is EPA and DHA so important?

These long chain omega 3 fatty acids are clinically proven to benefit the brain, heart,joints and skin.They are a powerful anti-inflammatory and reduce our risk of heart disease, depression and certain cancers.


  •  made from sustainable sourced algae
  • cold pressed and chemical free extraction
  • tested for heavy metals
  • certified vegan
  • fresh lemon flavour
  • 2 ml of vivo omega 3 from algae contains 300 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA.

How to use:  using a dropper consume 2 ml daily or as directed by you health professional. Once opened keep refrigerated.