About Me

Hello Fellow health enthusiasts and what's snack'n?

Nutra Crave Is a Canadian Owned health box. Full of snacks, vitamins, supplements,skincare and more. My goal is to help encourage a more health conscious life style with the products in my box. It's not always easy trying to live healthier lives. That's why I want to help you make healthier choices one box at a time. In every box you will discover new items you may have never found before. Also enjoy a little bit of Canada in every bite with some of our featured Canadian brands, eh!

My endeavor all started after an AMAZING trip of a life time to South East Asia. (I love to travel) Where coming back I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's auto immune disorder. As you could imagine this was a HUGE SHOCK and started me along my path of learning to live a more health conscious lifestyle. This eventually led me to wanting to create a fun way of discovering new healthy products one snack at a time!

Stay healthy,