What's in the box? 
The majority of the box will feature healthy gluten free along with paleo and vegan, full and sample sized snacks. Along with organic skin care, vitamins , supplements , makeup and some drinks.Since this is a Canadian company there will be Canadian products in each box every shipment to help support Canadian businesses!

How often will I receive a box? 
You will receive a box every second month.

When does my subscription renew? 
Your subscription will renew on the first of the month.

Are all the products guaranteed gluten free? 
While I source products that are certified gluten free , it is important to always read labelling.

How do I contact Nutra Crave? 
If you have any questions please email. info@nutracrave.com 

Is Nutra crave international? 
For the time being we are just shipping within Canada and to the U.S.

What if I don't want a subscription, can I purchase one box? 
Yes , There is a option to purchase one box.

How do I cancel my subscription? 
You can cancel or adjust your subscription by logging into your profile under the MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION link at the bottom of the website or under the FAQ dropdown in the top menu.

When will my box be shipped? 
Your box will be shipped the first week of each month.

Is Nutra Crave ok if I have allergies or sensitivities? 
We try to source products as clean as possible , and depending on your allergy or intolerance some of the products should be fine. We can not guarantee every product will be right for you. This is why we have created a box for you to be able to sample different products to see whats right for you.

What is your return policy? 
We do not accept returns.

Where can I purchase more of the items I liked in my Nutra Crave box? 
For Items you liked and just have to get more of. We have a small online store to purchase select items featured In Our boxes.